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I believe in common sense, fiscal responsibility, individual accountability, equality and honesty. Having grown up most of my life in PA with parents who were born Lancaster County PA, I learned how to respect all people and help out those less fortunate.   I moved to Northern VA in 1979 and spent most of the time here since then.


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2018-286 Leesburg Election District

My Priorities

I believe Leesburg needs someone who will be fiscally responsible, able to hold individuals accountable, treat others with respect and equality, and trustworthy.  That's why I'm running for Loudoun County School Board in 2019.

6 days ago
Loudoun County High School ROTC instructor placed on leave, under police investigation

Update, the investigation has concluded, no charges will be ... See more

A Loudoun County High School instructor has been placed on leave and is under investigation by the Leesburg Police Department.

1 week ago

A quiz for everyone. There are 9 members that serve on the School Board. How many Board members are on each committee?

1 week ago

Atttending 4 pm School Board meeting. The Inclusive Practices, base on December 1 reporting, provides very good information on Least Restrictive Analysis for Special Education students. Here is the ... See more

1 week ago

Attending Finance & Facilities meeting. They will not make it thru the entire agenda as the Board Meeting starts at 4 pm and this meeting starts at 3:30. I see a very long meeting next month. The ... See more