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I believe in common sense, fiscal responsibility, individual accountability, equality and honesty. Having grown up most of my life in PA with parents who were born Lancaster County PA, I learned how to respect all people and help out those less fortunate.   I moved to Northern VA in 1979 and spent most of the time here since then.


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2018-286 Leesburg Election District

My Priorities

I believe Leesburg needs someone who will be fiscally responsible, able to hold individuals accountable, treat others with respect and equality, and trustworthy.  That's why I'm running for Loudoun County School Board in 2019.

1 week ago

Beth, now that you have been sworn in, here are some questions that many people would like either answers, guidance or your opinion on as residents and taxpayers of both the Town and County.

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3 weeks ago
Defense bill requires local JROTC programs to admit homeschooled students

Great news for home schoolers.
Question, what will LCPS do?

The measure establishes a uniform policy across the nation and eliminates any ambiguity regarding homeschooled students’ eligibility.

4 weeks ago

Attending a long overdue School Board meeting at the request of the LEA.

2 months ago
Joe Newcomer

Sharing: Parents of STEM education - Loudoun

It's buried but the Winter Application (according to the email) is open. There is also information for Home School student to apply.